About us

John and Amanda

“A house by the sea” he said...

Little did we know we would ever own a property virtually in the sea! Willy Wilcox Cottage is a truly unique property and its position speaks for itself we hope.

Fondest childhood memories of Polperro, buckets and spades, fudge, fish & chips, obligatory seaside paraphernalia – nothing has changed, and it feels like home.

The desire to be by the sea is driven by a few things, the assumption that having a salty sea dog sailor as a husband was the catalyst to this event coming to fruition is only part of the reason.

Islands and coastlines...

It dawned on us a few years ago when we were away with our two sons, now both in their 20s, that the most fun we have ever had with them involved islands and coastline, not your posh overseas sort of islands but the rugged, mostly British coastal sort where quay jumping, pebble stacking, walking, camping on the sea water’s edge, toasting marshmallows, lying on camomile filled grassy verges watching shooting stars and endless games of cards over mugs of hot chocolate (occasionally laced with rum) and no WIFI were the order of the day, (I hasten to add that Willy Wilcox does however have fabulous super-fast fibre Wifi!).

The best part of all was that our boys absolutely got it and still relish a holiday like this, there is no doubt that at the first opportunity they will be jumping off the quay wall whenever they go to Polperro. I have no doubt that they will at some stage in their lives, return and share all these experiences with their own families and friends.

on the rocks

Willy Wilcox offers views that are out of this world from every window of the property and and a calm quirky cosy interior that I hope will wash your cares away. Whether it’s a balmy sunny day enjoying life outside the cottage, maybe a sundowner on the terrace or seeing a storm brewing outside, knowing that you are toasty and safe inside, we hope you enjoy your time at Willy Wilcox as much as we do every time we come home.

Amanda & John